Medical Services

ITBM Healthcare and its partners offer a comprehensive solution for your healthcare and emergency medical requirements wherever your projects or work sites may be. We also provide on-site medical support and healthcare services including medical equipment, medication and supplies, medical staffing, clinic management, training of management, occupational health resources and support, and stationary and mobile field clinics.

Surveys and Site Risk Assessments

We provide a comprehensive medical audit and risk assessment of work sites, focusing on the medical infrastructure (including both existing internal and the available external medical infrastructure in the vicinity), and the subsequent compilation of a full risk management manual with recommendations.

Contingency and Emergency Planning

In consultation with the client we develop site specific contingency and emergency plans. These can cover medical, security, major incident and environmental risks and include emergency response plans and desktop exercises. Medical Kits Medical kits are developed taking into account the local infrastructure and available medical resources using quality medical products. We are able to maintain these for you and they can carry your company branding if required..

Medical Equipment and Supplies

We are able to source and supply medical equipment and consumables according to client requirements. We will advise on most appropriate equipment for your site based on your medical resources, the local infrastructure and conditions.


Whether you need a single paramedic or nurse or a team to manage a hospital, we can place our own staff or source, manage and train staff on your behalf.

Pre and Post Employment Screening

It is important to ensure that your employees or contractors are fit for assignment prior to deployment to a medically under-serviced area. We work with you in developing appropriate screening programmes taking into account the local conditions, facilities and work environment.

Establishing Medical Facilities

We are able to satisfy your on-site medical requirements whatever they might be - from a simple first aid post to the design, implementation and management of a remote clinic. We also provide on-site medical support and healthcare services, including medical equipment, medication and supplies; medical staffing; clinic management; training of management; occupational health resources and support; and stationary and mobile field clinics.

Air Ambulance

We identify appropriate air ambulance providers and set up site specific emergency evacuation procedures in consultation with your insurance provider where necessary. If you need a dedicated fixed wing or helicopter ambulance on standby we will arrange this using the most appropriate aircraft for the location and in the most cost-effective manner.

Specialised Vehicles

We facilitate the design, development and manufacture of medical vehicles adapted to your local needs. Vehicles are equipped according to requirements and level of medical staff on site.