Medical Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Managing thousands of complex medical instruments and equipment at your facility requires expert management, proven operating systems, and qualified support.  It requires a vision and competency that includes far more than biomedical engineering.

We focus on safety, risk management, technical support of medical devices and clinical technologies, financial stewardship, and management of healthcare technologies that are integrated and interoperable.

Our team is comprised of biomedical and clinical engineering specialists who are experts at maintaining the wide and ever-changing range of clinical and imaging equipment on the cutting edge of medical technology. We dedicate targeted resources to the recruitment of qualified engineers, and then invest heavily in their ongoing training, certification, and advancement.

Because our specialists are certified in a broad range of OEM repairs, direct service contracts with manufacturers become a thing of the past – eliminating downtime and medical equipment repair delays, and creating typical operating cost savings of 10-20%.

Program Focal Points

  • Healthcare Technology Asset Management Solutions
  • Capital Asset Management Services
  • Asset Tracking (RTLS) Solutions
  • Assistance with New Equipment Planning/Purchasing
  • Customized Policy and Procedures
  • Regulatory Agency Inspection Support/Preparation
  • In-Service Education
  • Quality Management and Improvement
  • Quality Audits and Reports
  • Equipment Disposition Assistance
  • Regional and Corporate SupportD
  • Device Integration/Interoperability Analysis/Assistance
  • Collaboration with IT to Effectively Manage Networked Medical Devices