Facilities Management Services

A modern hospital needs active, specialized management not only of its medical services, but also of its facility – the buildings and components that make your vital mission possible.

From responsive Maintenance to full-scale Plant Operations and efficient, knowledgeable Project Management, effective operation of a healthcare facility requires broad experience, specialized knowledge, and professional dedication to details.

Our Hospital Facilities Management teams are staffed with seasoned experts who have the experience, resources, and systems to run and maintain your plant reliably and efficiently. As your infrastructure ages, our experts have access to specialists who can guide you through asset upgrades and improvements.

We provide guaranteed service outcomes through preventive, corrective, predictive, and reliability-centered maintenance programs to improve operational efficiency, asset life, safety, and compliance with regulatory agencies.

Our programs can help reduce your carbon footprint, not only improving your environmental impact, but reducing operating expenses as well. From better onsite hospital facilities management to ensure the most sustainable processes, to procuring more energy-efficient capital through our Project Services Group, has the resources to champion "Green" at your facility.