Patient Transport Services

Transporting patients from point A to point B – vehicle to bed, room to procedure, even building to building – is an indispensible function in today’s hospitals.

Our patient transport management expertise provides solutions that go beyond software to ensure results. It’s about accountability and responsiveness.

In addition to their critical logistical function, patient transporters are often the front line custodians of patient experience. Not only must patient transportation staff be thoroughly trained in safe handling procedures, from lifting protocols to infection control standards, but they must also be prompt and efficient while displaying kindness and courtesy to every patient, every time.

Our dedicated patient flow and throughput patient transport solutions offer measurable improvements in both capacity and revenue. Managing patient transport services at your facility requires an expert leadership team that can impact satisfaction with this high-touch, high-visibility service.

We target patient transport throughput and flow improvements, and our technology allows us to measure, report, and hold our teams accountable. Better patient transport efficiency leads to increased revenue.

Our guest and patient transport relation programs make an immediate impact on patient satisfaction. We help free up nurses to focus on caring for patients, and eliminate work-related injuries through our enhancement programs.