Hospital Environmental Services

Hospital Environmental Services is about more than just cleanliness – your hospital’s appearance is your first opportunity to make an impression on patients and visitors. Creating a clean and safe facility builds confidence in your services and translates into improved patient satisfaction, critical to reimbursement.

Environmental Services is an integral part of the hospital team, and its work directly impacts not only the daily operations of the hospital, but also the most important deliverables: satisfaction and outcomes.

Our industry-leading expert managers in hospital environmental services, supported by our proprietary software systems, bring best practices and an extensive network of resources to our customers, and we back up our results with real guarantees to ensure maximum value.

From patient satisfaction programs to improve HCAHPS scores, to efficient patient throughput solutions speeding discharges and maximizing revenues, our hospital environmental services are focused on the top challenges that our clients face daily.

 We can even develop Green hospital housekeeping programs employing the most environmentally conscious processes and equipment, so that our work furthers all of your facility's goals, including its sustainability ones.